Tool: The Innovation Matrix

Innovation matrix

By Arbresh Useini, 07. December 2018

It is predicted, that 40% of the fortune 500 companies will be gone or dramatically changed in 10 years, so innovation and continuous adaption to the market matters. We’ve seen the decline of many companies. Nokia, Blockbuster, and Kodak are the classical ones. Lately in Denmark we have seen Top-Toy/Fætter BR take the same path.

The value the Innovation Matrix will help you get

On regular basis, we meet leaders who are frustrated and asking questions on how to drive innovation and change that are transforming. Sometimes, they feel they are already doing transforming innovation pivoting their business. Often, they haven’t got a clear overview about what the difference from mundane improvements and everyday maintenance to radical change and strategic pivoting. The easy solution is to get an overview, a mapping, of innovation initiatives/projects/programmes or the like, and be able to see how much effort, time and budget should be allocated to each. The Innovation Matrix will be able to help you get this overview.

In short, you’ll get:

  • A mapping of all innovation initiatives divided into the four squares of the Innovation Matrix.
  • An alignment in your team/organization about which type of innovation you are practicing.
  • A picture of which kind of leadership style is necessary in each square.
  • A shared language on innovation, that helps facilitate a dialogue on scope, time, cost, quality, risk and resources.

Map how you do innovation in The Innovation Matrix

Innovation Matrix is a model that helps you map and understand how innovation in your organization takes place. The model is co-created with Maz Spork and Søren Skov.

The model describes the four areas of innovation; Maintain, Evolve, Grow and Transform, and each one of them has a different leadership style.

It has a two-dimensional spectrum of innovation; 1. strategic or everyday and 2. radical or improve.

We’ve made it easy: download this tool and get started!

If you download this tool you’ll find:

  • a description og each element in The Innovation Matrix,
  • a workbook about how to facilitate a workshop with you team, and
  • a printable version of the matrix.

Download The Innovation Matrix Right Here

Want to know more?

If you want to read more into the Innovation Matrix, you can read about it on the blog Map Your Innovation Spectrum and Transform Your Business or read our blog about Driving The Change The Innovation Brings.

Or listen to our podcast episode 5 on the innovative mindsetepisode 6 on why to innovate and episode 7 on innovative leadership style (all in Danish).

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