Learning Paths

The Future of Work is an incredibly massive subject to approach, tackle, and get a grasp of. The amount of articles, books, podcasts, and points of view is overwhelming.

To help you, we have created Learning Paths.

Each Learning Path consists of a few carefully selected and curated pieces of content, that will help you understand and get started with the specific subject. You will find articles, podcasts, videos, links to books, and “test yourself”-quizzes.

We update the Learning Paths regularly, so you always will be able to return here to find the most qualified and best curated content.

We believe that less is more. We prefer quality over quantity for the Learning Paths.

Enjoy – and keep learning.

Learning Path

ˈlər-niŋ ˈpath

A guided tour through the universe of the Future of Work with the intent to help you learn and develop.


Knowledge or skill acquired by instruction or study


A track specially constructed for a particular use

Your first job as a leader! Congratulations! You now are responsible for purpose, people, progress, and profit. You might be proud and humble at the same time – and also anxious or even afraid.

This Learning Path helps you, guides you through the first 100 days, and supports you in how to lead your team and your business in the Future of Work.

Modern People Leadership is a paradigm shift from ‘leading products’ to ‘leading people’: You take care of the employees, so that they can take care of the business. But how?

This Learning Path shows you how to create the framework and the rhythm, how to support the development of your employees, how to ensure a great working climate, and how to work with distributed leadership.

Everyday innovation and transformational pivoting is needed to stay relevant to employees – and to the market. You need to constantly adapt your products, processes, culture, and leadership to the updated business world.

This Learning Path guides you to understand the mindset, the approaches, and the tools to master the basics of modern innovation, both personally and in your organization.

In a VUCA business world, experiments, tests, and failure is a natural mindset and an approach that can be codified. Speedboats and hypotheses are crucial tools for validating your way forward.

This Learning Path guides you through a bunch of tools and approaches, that are directly applicable.

When organizations have the ability to adapt and drive internal change fast and often, we see an increase in competitive advantages and employees that don’t feel that change is disturbing or disrupting their normal routines.

This Learning Path gives you an understanding of how to start adapting your organization to the future and how to drive change in your organization.

A sustainable workplace is a workplace where people want to show up and don’t get worn down or get stressed. Unfortunately, stress is present in most organizations today. Being aware of what causes stress, how it affects the body and how it can be prevented, is important, both for your own and your colleague’s well-being.

This is the essence of this Learning Path.

One of the predominant things, that most people agrees on when discussing how organizations should evolve to handle rapid changes, is purpose. It must make sense.

This Learning Path gives you an understanding of why it is important to work with purpose and how you can do it.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about how different generations approach work. Being aware of the different traits for each generation can be a great way to get a broad understanding of their needs and wants. However, it always needs to be seen in relation to the individual you are leading.

This Learning Path gives you an introduction to the different generational characteristics and guides you on how you can use them to lead different mindsets.