My first leadership role

Congratulation on your new role as a leader, and welcome to the Learning Path about your first leadership role. We experience new leaders that have challenges with their new role. Often, we get questions as what to be aware of, how to enter the new role as a leader, and what to expect’. This Learning Path is created for you who have stepped into your new role as a leader. It will guide you through some steps, and give you input to reflections you should have in the beginning.   

Once you’ve finished the Learning Path, you’ve got: 

  • Useful tools to navigate as a leader.
  • What considerations you should make leading your team.
  • The benefit and type of transparency as a leader.
  • What kind of feedback you can give that is useful and regular. 

Part 1: What is the role of a modern leader?

Part 1: What is the role of a modern leader?

Future of Work has changed the role of a leader. By focusing on purpose, people, planet and profit it can be challenging for the new leader to navigate in the new modern role. This blog post explains four elements; coaching and mentoring, being an entrepreneur, white space mastery, and gardening the ecosystem, that’s required from a modern leader.  


Part 2: Your first 100 days

Part 2: Your first 100 days

In this podcast episode, we guide you through your first 100 days. With input from three modern leaders, you’ll get introduced to tools as the personalized leadership compass, a three-week plan and how to use factfinding for scenario planning. The podcast is in Danish.

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Part 3: Leadership requires transparency- but how transparent should you be?

Part 3: Leadership requires transparency- but how transparent should you be?

By now you’ve understood that leadership requires transparency, but how do you do it, and does it mean you should be open about everything? This blog post contains a guide to transparency in the organization.  


Part 4: How to give regular and useful feedback?

Part 4: How to give regular and useful feedback?

Transparency also means open dialogues and regular feedback – and they should be useful. This blog post has tips and tricks on how to give useful and regular feedback.  


Quiz: My first leadership role

Quiz: My first leadership role

Now you’ve been through the Learning Path, but you’re not finished yet. By now you should know about:  

  • How to navigate as a new leader and enter the new role.
  • What considerations you should make leading your team. 
  • Transparency as a leader and in the organization.
  • How to give good and useful feedback.

Finalize this Learning Path by taking this quiz. 


Book recommendations

Congratulation, you’ve finished the Learning Path on you first leadership role. If the topic caught your attention, we recommend the following for you to dive deeper in the topic about your new role as a leader:

Morten Albæk: “Ét liv, én tid, ét menneske

Christian Ørsted: “Livsfarlig ledelse

Henry Steward: “The Happy Manifesto

We created this Learning Path with the most basic and relevant things on you first leadership role, but if want to learn more on this topic, we recommend you dive into our content collection. You can also try another Learning Path to broaden your horizon.

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