Special: Global Peter Drucker Forum 2018 // Day 2

Special: Global Peter Drucker Forum 2018 – Day 2

By Puk Falkenberg, 3. December 2018

The second day of the Global Peter Drucker Forum was even better than day one. Clearly, there is a movement ongoing; a willingness to change the way businesses and leadership works, based on tech and humanism. The goal is not only to create great workplaces where people want to show up, but also to play a vital part in society and to save the planet.

Here are our condensed take-homes from day two.

Change, Activism and culture

  • Challenging status quo takes a lot of guts
  • Be aware of The Gorbachev syndrome: one person can’t beat bureaucracy
  • Movement happen when one take responsibility of that gut feeling of transformation
  • The main question is: Do we care? As long as our personal greed is more important than the future of our children, we’re in deep shit
  • If you see the problems and don’t do anything, then you are just as guilty
  • The company of the future has the ability to get the organization to think
  • It’s not pragmatism that will deliver the change we need
  • Trust is free. Control is very expensive
  • Every leader can make experiments on their own team
  • You need all hands and bottom-up change to change organizations and bureaucracy
  • The responsibility for change is with me
  • We cannot change the world, if we are not prepared to change our own world
  • Activism starts bottom-up!

The Philosophy of the future humanistic organizations

  • We need to balance logic of of reality with the logic of foolishness
  • Mindfulness everyday
  • Stop multitasking
  • Get enough sleep
  • Think higher, feel deeper
  • Every leader should go to a mountain cabin and spend 1-2 month meditate about Plato, “The Republic”.

Organizational Design

  • Our organizations are in-human by design
  • Create an organization, where those who take initiative gets the power
  • Move from economic view on employees to autonomous employees
  • Resistance is mainly cultural
  • Everyone is their own CEO – “become an entrepreneur or leave”
  • Build organizations that are as amazing as the people in them
  • Talented people are important – the right organization is more important, studies show
  • When people come together in a great system, we succeed
  • People create value. Shareholders don’t
  • HRM as two wrong words in it: Resources and Management
  • To kill bureaucracy we need to look into the structural things (organization, budget, compensation etc.)
  • The Chinese word Rendanheyl describes the modern design approach to an organization: Ren = people. Dan = goal. Heyl = alignment. Also, see the Forbes article on the amazing Haier group case, that was shown on day two by Zhang Ruimin, CEO and Chairman of the Haier Group.
  • Disrupt the roles. Disrupt the organization. Disrupt the compensation.
  • Create a system of self-employment, self-organization, and self-motivation
  • Create Market Oriented Ecosystems – MOE’s
  • Change focus from industries to arenas

Goals, performance, budgeting, and top-management

  • Only 16% of boards understand the business of their business
  • We need to find new ways to measure human capital. You must invest in humanity!
  • Only 12% say they are confided before their objectives are set
  • If you combine the premise of VUCA with the understanding of motivation, you get “beyond budgeting”: Change from annual plans/budgets to event-based


  • Tech = The power to do good … and the power to screw up
  • Choose the right goals – for humans and for AI.
  • Social innovation path and technology innovation path must be in balance.

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Special: Global Peter Drucker Forum 2018 – Day 2

Summarize: The transformation IS underway

It was a thrilling feeling to observe, that the transformation towards a better future organization and business world is underway. Being there and being part of it is amazing, and we’re even more encouraged to continue our work – and we’ll be back next year too!

Remember, we must:

  1. Invest in capabilities
  2. Take risk and welcome uncertainty
  3. Learn from errors
  4. Make strategic choices
  5. Be hungry and foolish!

Next years theme – and dates

The Power of Ecosystems, 21+22 November 2019. See you there?

What is Global Peter Drucker Forum?

Drucker Forum is an annual leadership conference in Vienna. This year it’s the 10th Global Drucker Forum with a focus on management – the human dimension. Click on the following links, if you want to know more or follow the Drucker Society European Blog.

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