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Hvordan ser en fremtidig transformation ud? Gør vi noget nyt eller som vi plejer? Få indsigt og inspiration i denne episode.

Vi dykker ned i de 8 trin du skal igennem i store planlagt transformationer og hvilke kompetencer der skal til for at få succes.

Episode 2 handler om Minimal Viable Change, hvor vi lægger ud med at forklare begrebet og hvordan du kan bruge det.

Sæson 2 start ud med en episode der sætter scenen omkring design principper i forandring. Det handler om forandring og forankring.

Vi opfordrede jer til at stille os spørgsmål – og det gjorde I – og TAK! I denne episode besvarer vi jeres spørgsmål.

The term “ecosystem” keeps popping up in the sphere of descriptors for New Ways of Working. “The Power of Ecosystems” was even the theme of the Global Peter Drucker Conference 2019 – and I can clearly see why that word and pattern is emerging: In a networked business world, we need to understand the dynamics of our teams and the interactions between them. This has a superb analogy to the nature of ecosystems.

Attending Global Peter Drucker Forum always sparks a lot of ideas and thoughts. It’s food for the brain! This year was no exception. Even though there weren’t as many “fire speeches” as last year, the talks did give insight on the power of different ecosystems as well as challenges, risks, problems and how you as a leader should lead your ecosystems to achieve greatness – and why.

What can a set of business oriented card games bring to the table for the organization? Read this article on how we use Business Value Poker.

If organizations should succeed in staying relevant, it also implies that the Change Management team need to be up to date at all times.


Maybe you’ve heard it before; ‘we’re living in a VUCA world’. But what does VUCA actually mean, and why are we using it to describe the world we live in?