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Om du er ny til begrebet Teal eller du har kendt til det længe, så er denne episode til dig der er nysgerrig på hvad Teal er og hvordan du kan skabe en Teal transformation.

Bogen Teal Dots In An Orange World udkom for et halvt år siden. Hvad er de typiske reaktioner og spørgsmål til den? Hør hvad Erik har samlet sammen af FAQs.

The term “ecosystem” keeps popping up in the sphere of descriptors for New Ways of Working. “The Power of Ecosystems” was even the theme of the Global Peter Drucker Conference 2019 – and I can clearly see why that word and pattern is emerging: In a networked business world, we need to understand the dynamics of our teams and the interactions between them. This has a superb analogy to the nature of ecosystems.

It’s hard work to create a safe space for your team. It is equally hard to maintain and nurture this safe space when first created.

Most organizations are running like machines. They are effective. They are optimized. They run perfectly in a stable world where they can keep doing what they do best. But that’s not always enough.

modern teal organizations in dubai

What happens when you insist on a modern, flat, teal organization in Dubai? Pingala has done it, successfully. Their culture is their product.