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istributed leadership, when youngsters lead youngisters

Leadership is all about people first, leading human to human. Navigating as a youngster can be difficult, with older leaders who don’t necessarily put people first or lead with distributed or situational leadership in mind.

Special: Global Peter Drucker Forum 2018 – Day 1

What did we learn at the Global Peter Drucker Forum 2018? Get our take-homes from day 1 here – about humanism, questions, and less bureaucracy.

How our own speedboat ‘Hacktober’ became a success and what we learned

How do you use the hypothesis approach to arranging and driving a 24 hour hackathon? And how do you use modern change management techniques to make it work?

worldblu 2018

Two intense days in San Diego with the WorldBlu tribe have come to an end. And what an experience! Here are our take-homes!

Does your organization have the capabilities of the future?

Do your organization have what it takes? The rate and impact of change in the business world is massive. We need to look at our organizations and figure out how we can adapt to the future of work.

Driving the change that innovation brings

Innovation always brings some form of change along the side – but for who? Take a second to look at the blast radius as well as the sphere of influence

Peter Drucker special

A blogpost on the secong day of Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017. You can read what we enjoyed and heard later in this special blogpost.

peter drucker special

This is a blog special about what we heard, learned and was inspired by at the Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017.

Map your Innovation Spectrum and transform your business

A blog post on how to map your innovation. There are two ways to look at innovation: As a burning necessity, driven by external factors or a burning desire.