Special: Second day of Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017

Peter Drucker special

By Puk Falkenberg, 17. November 2017

Right from the beginning of day two, we were back on important topics and interesting discussions. Even though the big annual Gala event had been taking place the night of day one, most seemed ready to be inspired even more – and the buzz from yesterday were still alive.

Day two had one parallel session, whereas day one only had main plenary sessions. So we had to choose the sessions of our interest. We decided to split up and be inspired on different matters. You can read what we enjoyed and heard later in this special blogpost.

We are not as Global as we think

Inequality is everywhere, and the polarity is a clear reaction to the uncertainty, we’re in. It is our responsibility – and opportunity – to change this. As Charles Handy so touching said in his closing remarks: “if not now, then when? If not us, then who?”

Many great speakers were on the stage today. This list is our take-homes from the second day of #GPDF17:

  1. Inclusive growth starts with access to opportunity
  2. Inclusive growth comes from being connected, being diverse, and being global
  3. Reinvent your strategy. Move from ‘build to last’ to ‘build to change’
  4. It’s no longer about industry and sector, but arenas and customer needs. You should expand your definition of business to include the whole ecosystem.
  5. You have to spread out as a global innovator. It’s not about markets, but competences.
  6. B2B needs to be B2B2C. Don’t focus on competitors. Focus on customers.
  7. CEOs need to speak up! They are influencers of the future.
  8. A high speed of learning is a must on every level
  9. We must understand what it means NOT to listen
  10. We focus too much on content. We must focus on context
  11. Millennials are a radar for inequality
  12. Your purpose is your promise
  13. All companies must have purpose as North Star, and purpose must support society and environment
  14. Purpose is not CSR
  15. Purpose is a quadruple bottom-line: financial, human, customer, societal
  16. Do well by doing good
  17. Money must follow values
  18. Create an environment where want to invest their time

The big summary

The big summary and conclusion on our trip to Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017 is: We have the possibility to act! We’re not alone in this, but we must be together in this.

But, what can YOU do? What can I do? We can choose. Choice is a huge theme.

Choose where you spend your money.

Choose who you work with.

Choose who you work for.

Choose what you fight for.

/Erik, Line & Puk

Didn’t read the blogpost from day one? Find it with this link right here.

What is Drucker Forum?

Drucker Forum is an annual leadership conference in Vienna. This year it’s the 9th Global Drucker Forum with an focus on growth and future challenges. Click on the following links, if you want to know more, follow the Drucker Society European Blog or watch videos and livestream.

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