Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)

Why is an Organizational Network Analysis a good idea?

Knowing the informal structure, the elasticity, and the resilience in your organization is valuable. It’s part of a modern, including, network-based, community-oriented world.

This page contains a summary of what an Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is. It contains a brief description of an ONA and a number of resources. Use them to learn more or for distribution in your organization.

What is an ONA?

An ONA is an Organizational Network Analysis. It’s a mathematical way of mapping and illustrating networks in an organization. We investigate this by conducting a survey in the organization, asking employees to name their most used relations.

More details on ONA

Do you need to know more? Dig into these blog posts, where all the elements of an ONA is described.

What is your organizations ‘Kevin Bacon Number’?

It started as a party trick, with a number that describes affiliation between a given Hollywood actor and Kevin Bacon, and ending up being a useful tool to measure informal structures in a modern workplace.


An ONA creates an overview of what the relations and network structures looks like in the organization. Use it to make informed decisions on what the organization should focus on in the future with regards to collaborations, leadership development, relations, and culture.

How and what

Input to make the ONA is collected via a simple survey. Data is used to map the relations on several dimensions. Output is analyzed. Results are presented and debated in the organization or management group.


Mapping of the actual social capital in the organization. Identification of bottlenecks and vulnerabilities, and level of “siloing”. Pointing out key persons and change agents.


Use it as input for strategic work, change management, involvement, and cultural development.
Selected case companies: A large Danish bank, a service company, four IT consultancies, a large Danish public organization.

ONA related videos: Interview and introduction

Interview about the ONA with Erik Korsvik Østergaard
in the podcast “Help Marketing” (34 mins in Danish).

Short video introduction in Danish (5 mins).
Can be used for internal introduction for an ONA.

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