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“I’m heading home from the best after-work-meeting I have ever attended. Erik Korsvik Østergaard really made me think about [future of work]. I can only recommend to spend some hours with Erik”
– Financial manager

“It’s so inspiring to meet people like you, who with insight and enthusiasm gets the message through. Thank you so much!”
– Procurement manager

“Your insight into the organizational network analysis was inspiring! We got new thoughts, and started some very different discussions in our car back home.”
– HR Lead

“Thank you very much for a great key note. Interesting, and very relevant. It was easy to translate to our daily life, and I can see where we need to start.”
– Department manager


Speaks delivered in 2020 so far – both virtual and real.

Speaks delivered in 2019: 40

Speaks delivered in 2018: 49

Speaks delivered in 2017: 39

Our three most popular speaks are:

The Future of Work and Leadership

The business world of tomorrow is radically different from today. Digitization, globalization and diversity in generations has huge impacts. On the way we interact with customers. On how we attract talent, lay out strategy, and are innovative. How we shape our culture, organize our teams, and also how we develop our leadership.

You’ll be introduced to:
  • The five guiding principles of the future of work
  • The five areas of the future of work: Purpose and direction, innovation, culture, organizing, and leadership
  • The new role and behavior of leaders
  • The updated triple bottom-line: Social capital, value creation, and economic health

It will be illustrated with Danish cases from the finance, engineering, energy, and IT businesses. There will be time for reflection and questions during the key note.

The key note has starting point in Erik Korsvik Østergaards 1st book, “The Responsive Leader“.

Teal Dots in an Orange World – how to organize the workplace of the future

The business world is changing. New kinds of organizations are emerging, and everybody is talking about or experimenting with sociocracy/holacracy, agile, lean startup, or teal. The challenge is, that these structures are extremely hard to scale to massive corporate businesses, with thousands of employees.

This keynote addresses exactly this: How do you create an organizational platform, so that new and modern organizational “dots” can emerge and live on this platform; dots, that are based on teal-like methodologies? And, what leadership is required?

The content and message of the keynote reflects four observations based on at least 15 years of working in corporate enterprises:

  1. Getting extraordinary things done in the modern corporate world happens in small teams only
  2. Work happens in highly connected networks
  3. Tactical execution happens when the touchpoints are frequent and physical
  4. The reorganization as an activity is a pivot point for transformational leadership

The central component is a nine-element model for designing and running your ecosystem – and what leadership skills it takes.

The keynote has starting point in Erik Korsvik Østergaards 2nd book, Teal Dots in an Orange World.

Download one-pager about the keynote in Danish here

How do I create an organization, where people want to show up?

How do I do it in real life?

What design principles should I take into consideration?

And how do I turn that into practical mechanisms?

Based on nearly two decades of working with modern leadership, this keynote gives hands-on insight and tons of cases of how-to. The topics cover all aspects of leadership and culture as manager or department lead:

  • Recruiting and hiring – and firing
  • Setting salary and bonus
  • One-on-one conversations and coaching
  • Tactical execution of strategic initiatives – and prioritisation
  • Daily coordination of activities and tasks
  • Humane KPIs and mechanisms for reflection
  • Describing culture and behaviour
  • Creating psychological safety
  • Ensuring progress and impact

The keynote contains case study’s and workshop components.

Line Bloch is used as speaker on Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), and on how to run a department based on the principles of Future of Work. She also speaks on well-being at work, and on stress and stress-management.

Erik Korsvik Østergaard is used as speaker on the Future of Work, digital leadership, the role of the modern leader, flat organizations, and transformations/change management.

Other popular topics

  • Agile leadership and tactical agile execution
  • Organizational Network Analysis
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Innovation in the light of New Ways of Working
  • Personal Leadership
  • Intergenerational leadership
  • Cross-cultural leadership


Typical length: 30-90 minutes.

Audience: From 10 to 1,000 participants.

All speaks are involving and engaging, and can be combined with reflection, workshops, and coaching.

We do speaks in both Danish or English.

We do company events, kick-offs, seminars, courses, or training sessions.

We are frequently used as speakers or facilitators too.